Thursday, May 16, 2013

Transition to Doll: Phase One

If there is anything in this world I love as much as bows, it has to be Barbie.  I think just the fact that my Instagram handle is caBarbiePrincess, which is an extension of the email address I have had since 1998, is enough to prove this.  But if you ever really feel the need to drive the point home, well come visit my home.  Only give me fair warning, I'll need to like a week at least.  My whole apartment is kind of like a bow/Barbie shrine, only not in a creepy way.  One time the handy man came to fix my leaky sink and he told me his niece would just love my place.  "Aw thank you", I responded, "how old is your niece?"  "Seven".  Awesome.
The mantel in my apartment

One of the walls in my apartment
Once a not-so-nice boyfriend told me that I looked like a doll.  I was beyond flattered.  I mean, talk about a compliment!!  I thanked him and felt quite smug that I had managed to pull of the exact look I was going for.  I mean Barbie is a doll!!  Too bad he guffawed at my excitement and exclaimed that it was not intended to be taken in a positive light and that we were "just so different".  Well I may not have a Ken in my life currently, but when I do, he won't think we are so different.  In fact, I suspect he will be quite a doll.

Outfit Details
Shoes: New Look London
Bow: Forever 21
Ring: Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Ring
Earrings: Tarina Tarntino

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  1. Adorable! I still have my Millennium Princess Barbie in her box, and Nutcracker Barbie (with missing foot) that I'll probably never get rid of, but you collection is amazing!