Monday, January 20, 2014

In Your Head, In Your Heaaaaaad**

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was out fending off the Zombie Apocalypse.  The good this is, it looks like I made it out unscathed.  Right?

I mean...RIGHT???

Outfit Details:
Doll Parts outfit-Dress: Iron Fist.  Shoes/Wood Eye Ring:  Barbie Ring: Tarina Tarantino.  Doll Eye Ring: Octopus London.  Earrings: Gift
Eyeball Outfit-Top/Skirt: Iron Fist.  Shoes:
Unicorn Zombie Outfit-Dress:Hell Bunny.  Shoes: Iron Fist
Full Zombie Outfit-Top/Skirt: Iron Fist.  Shoes: Top Shop.  Bow: Chubby Bunny.  Eye Ring: Octopus London.

**90s reference to The Cranberries song Zombie.  Man I'm old.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Red, White, and Bow

I've always had mixed feelings about 4th of July.  Sure, I love the summer, I love fireworks, and I love having my freedom.  But being such an Anglophile, sometimes I think if we hadn't gained our independence from England, we might all still have British accents.  And THAT would be awesome.

One thing I don't have mixed feelings about is red, white, and blue.  I mean, COME ON, how good are they as a color story??  Thank goodness our forefathers didn't stray too far from their  homeland when choosing our nation's pallet.  And since I can't resist a good theme, I like to celebrate America's birthday the whole week.  Also, I like to get the most wear our of these American flag shoes and bow that I get to wear once a year (twice if there's an election).

The bow
The shoes
This is totally a Halloween costume that I took from my sister

Like I mentioned above, I also like to theme for election day.  And so do some of my coworkers

And of course we can't forget the actual 4th of July.  Every year a group of friends and I go to Disneyland for the 4th in our most patriotic attire.  

Sometimes I let our group pose in front of my house ;)
Mickey was equally patriotic

Attempted Minnie patriotic ears

 Happy birthday America!  Thanks for inviting me to the party!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 Living in LA and saying you drive a lot, is kind of like saying you eat food a lot.  Okay, it's actually not like saying that because your mouth forms different shapes and there's no direct object involved in the first statement and food is way more fun to talk about...but I think you get the idea.  It's just a given.  So when I say I drive a lot, there is no shock value.  However, there is sometimes shock value involved in what I drive.

When I was 16 I got a yellow bug (new Volkswagon Beetle).  I loved that car.  I mean I truly loved that car.  It was always reliable, catered to my needs and looked good; treated me much better than any guy ever did...until it broke down on me on the 405 a year ago.  Hmmm, come to think of it, I still think it treated me better.  Oops, left turn.  Anyway, I still do miss my baby car.

But I didn't have time to mourn its loss because I live in LA (enter goes without saying statement about driving here), so the next day I was at the dealership putting a down payment on a new, adult car.  I mean, I'm not 16 anymore, I needed something more mature.  Okay, really I just don't like the new New Bug.  But what else is cute?  What else is girly?  What else is ME?  Oh yes!  A Mini Cooper.  But half of Los Angeles owns a Mini.  How could I make sure when I was in the Whole Foods parking lot, that it was my Mini?  

And then it hit me.  Mini.  That sounds like Minnie, as in Mouse.  I love Minnie Mouse.  I love polka dots.  I LOVE bows.  I'd obviously have to make my Mini look like Minnie.  And so, the results are as follows.

 Move over Angelyne

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Issue to Ad-Dress

Some days at work, this happens...

and happens again...

and again.

Well now it's just embarrassing.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A-boat Modern Art

I like art.  I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur or anything, but I do enjoy looking at  pretty and interesting things (I feel like that kind of goes without saying, hello shoes and dresses).  So when my friend Mandy invited me to take a weekend outing to MOCA, of course I had to go.  But what to wear to the museum?  Well, I always feel when looking at art, it's best to wear art.  So I chose this ModCloth dress with a scenic boat print that looks like it was hand painted.  And then I went and saw some pretty, weird art.  Or maybe I just mean pretty weird art. 

Everything that is not human in this picture is painted on the wall!!!

Alex looked eerily similar to this clay man.

This house is made out of bread.  As a carb lover, this is something I can respect.

Speaking of respect, that's clearly what I am displaying toward this piece.  It's art you guys, let's take it seriously.

Outfit Details
Oh gosh, every single thing I am wearing is from, except
Ring: Ogeeku

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Do you ever just have an outfit that makes you so happy, when you put it all together, you almost cry?  No??  Just me???  Hmmm, maybe sometimes I'm a little dramatic.  But when I saw this dress on I DIED!!  Well, not literally, I mean I am here typing this.  But I just could not get over how perfect it was.  Pink?  Embroidered desserts??  A cupcake collar???  Perfection!!!!  And this time I am being literal.  And then I remembered I had these Irregular Choice ice cream shoes that I bought from ModCloth last year that I never really wore and kind of regretted buying.  But as the saying goes, there's a reason for everything.  And the reason for buying these shoes, was this dress. 

 Caught Primping...


Outfit Details
Dress, Shoes, Rings:
Bow: Sidecca
Earrings: Forever 21