Monday, May 20, 2013

The Internet Loves Cats

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the last few years there was a shift.  We all felt it.  Some of us embraced it, some of us sneezed at it...literally, there's a lot of allergies.  But whatever your reaction, there's no denying it.  Cats became cool.  This can be exemplified by the Internet cat craze (hello daily cat videos!), as well as cat products showing up EVERYWHERE.  From cat prints on dresses, to cat ear headbands, to super adorable cat shoes, like the Irregular Choice ones I am wearing (on left) and the YRU ones Julie, from is sporting below, it is clear that cats are where it's at right meow ;)

This weekend I went to a cat party at Japan LA to celebrate Kutusitanyanko, a sock wearing cat from San-X.  Everyone dressed in their best cat attire.  If you click the link to the the Japan LA blog, you can see some photos of me in my past finest cat regalia.  But on my blog I am going to share some photos of this weekend's cat attire.
Mandy and I are twin cats in our tuxedo tops and Locketship cat rings.

Lana and Alex are such hipster kitties, clearly only wearing their ears ironically.  They clearly got their cat styling tips from Mean Girls:  Add some ears.  "I'm a cat.  Duh".

Rachel and Ari are so crafty and actually made their rosette cat ears.  I was super impressed.  Julie is purr-fectly coordinated, as always.

 Before we got to the party a real cat followed Stephanie.  She pet it.  "Aren't you allergic??"  I asked.  She shrugged nonchalantly.  Stephanie takes theme-ing seriously.  That, and she really loves cats.

Cat-tastic group photo.  We all take theme-ing seriously.

Outfit Details (mine, since sadly I don't have everyone's)
Top, Knee-Highs, Gloves, Shoes:
Skirt: Target-Kid's Section
Belt: Forever 21
Ears: Borrowed from Mandy
Ring: Locketship


  1. I am literally SO excited you started a blog, Helena! I love all of your outfits to death and think you're simply the cutest. You're going to love blogging and have so many adorable outfits to share: I always look forward to seeing them in the Modcloth style gallery.

    You're a huge inspiration to me, keep up your beautiful style! x

    1. Oh my gosh!!! This message is the sweetest thing EVER! You ARE an inspiration! YOUR style is incredible and I LOVE looking at your blog and outfits on the style gallery!! Thank you so much!! If you ever come to LA, let's do a photo shoot :)